Bringing Sanity to Your Git Flow

Speaker: Josh Fabean

Git is a great tool which enables teams to work together and deploy code. What if you need to deploy a single hotfix into your prod build, without pushing in any more code than needed, or how can you roll back to an older version of your code? With the right git flow this is a breeze. With the wrong git flow this can be a nightmare. You want to deploy all the changes that exist in staging to production but the environments are so far apart at this point merging code is scary.

In this talk we will go over the git flow that we at Code Koalas have adopted to fix this issue. Now deploying code changes to production sites is no longer scary. Either is only deploying one feature out of many being worked on at once.

This flow is simple and open ended enough that anyone should be able to take ideas from it to implement as much or as little as is desired.

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