Everything I Know About Kubernetes I Learned from a Cluster of Raspberry Pis

Speaker: Jeff Geerling

In 2014, I built the first version of the Raspberry Pi Dramble—a cluster of Raspberry Pi single-board computers which ran Drupal 8.

In 2017, I started migrating the cluster to use Kubernetes, running Drupal as a scalable, highly-available application on top of Kubernetes.

In this presentation, I'll present the new Kubernetes-driven version of the Raspberry Pi Dramble cluster (in person!), and I'll walk through the decision behind switching to Kubernetes, risks and common pitfalls encountered when running Drupal on Kubernetes, and how you can set up your own scalable Kubernetes cluster—either on Raspberry Pis or on some VMs running on your computer!

Before coming to this presentation, you should know:

Basic server administration.
How to build a simple Drupal 8 website.

You will learn:

How to deploy Kubernetes to a set of Raspberry Pis (or VMs).
Why you might not want to deploy Kubernetes to a set of Raspberry Pis.
How to deploy Drupal 8 to a Kubernetes cluster.
How to evaluate whether Kubernetes is right for your Drupal websites.

Session Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/geerlingguy/everything-i-know-about-kubernetes-i-learned-from-a-raspberry-pi-cluster


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