Networking Your Way to Your Next Role

Speaker: Rhia Dixon

You have just graduated from a bootcamp, finished a degree, or perhaps, taught yourself to make awesome things via self-paced courses and decided to switch careers. Now you need a job. The problem is you’re new to the field, looking to gain experience, and every open position states you are required to have a gazillion years of specific experience and/or education. But do you really need all of that?
A hardworking, eager, amazing candidate can submit 1,000+ resumes with all the right buzzwords, beautiful projects, solid education...and still not make it to the phone interview! Rhia will walk you through how she used an unexpected networking opportunity during her coding bootcamp to land her current role before she was even looking for a job. She will share with you what she has learned about networking -- what it is and isn’t, when and where to network, and how to do it effectively. Learn networking tactics to get you on the radar and in the door.

Session Slides:

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