Snazzify Your Content with Layout Builder

Speaker: Justin Langley

"Are you kidding me with these designs?! We have 2 months; we are not having crazy drag'n'drop UIs for the landing page content type. We don't have time!"
 - Said every developer ever on a tight deadline when handed high-fidelity designs for the site's landing pages and the requirements ask for a "Customizable, extendable and easy-to-use drag'n'drop interface for Content Editors to visually layout pages."

Oh and did they mention they should still be revisionable?


Drag'n'drop UI/UX experiences for Content Editors have become immensely popular over the past couple years, tools like Gutenberg Editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder and more. And some are available as Drupal modules, but all have varying levels of compatibility with some of Drupal's core mechanisms: translations, revisioning, blocks, etc etc.

Layout Builder is here to provide an out-of-the-box solution for giving Content Editors a drag'n'drop interface for building pages. And the best part is; it all comes with Drupal core now.

In this talk I'll go over the basics of how Layout Builder works and then show what it looks like in action.

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