Mark Conroy: Using GatsbyJS to build a decoupled (Drupal) website (Live demo)

In the beginning there was HTML, then there was CSS, then JS, then JS frameworks, then CSS in JS, then... Things started to get little complicated a little while back. To try to make sense of some of this, let's get together for a live demo (what could possibly go wrong!) presentation of building out a site with GatsbyJS.

Here's what we'll do:

install Gatsby
investigate some components - custom header, footer, menu, etc
create some static pages
discuss how some React functions work - simple ones like "link" so my brain doesn't fall apart!
Once we're that far, we how about we hook it up to a Drupal backend for fetching real content, and then deploy it as a blazingly fast, static website (just HTML, CSS, and JS - nothing fancy - meaning it can be hosted on ultra-cheap shared hosting or even something free like GitHub Pages).

Sound like fun? Great.

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