Cristina Chumillas, Lauri Eskola: Drupal Admin UI Modernization Initiative

Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation initiative is planning to provide a re-imagined content authoring experience and site administration experience in Drupal, built on top of modern JavaScript foundations.
This session will provide an update, and discussion around the following topics we are currently working on. We are especially looking for feedback on everything we are currently working on!

Design a new UI

     - User research overview, like the comparative study of authoring tools across - different CMS to find the best solution for the default authoring experience and first  wireframes.

      - General UX improvements planned

     - Design System creation with components and design patterns

New admin theme Claro with the new design system to provide an updated admin experience.
Developing and finalizing plans for modernization efforts,

      - Describe the (limited) extension mechanism we built into the application.

      - What features should be present in a new JavaScript-based UI.

      - Update on creating a component library for Drupal-specific UI patterns.

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