Omar Mohamad - El Hassan Lopesino: Multibranch tests with Drupal , Jenkins and Docker

Every time we develop functionality for our Drupal sites we compromise their integrity: Does the entire site still work or have we inadvertently introduced a bug?

New features can be developed in a separate branch. This branch can be tested separately by running local tests or by deploying the code into an environment. If we want to automate these tests we can use Jenkins' multi-branch jobs, which is the purpose of this talk.

This session may interest you if you want:
- Try each new feature of your Drupal separately before integrating with all the others.
- Establish a workflow to develop in Drupal that guarantees the integrity of the project - with a system that tests every branch of git it would be possible!
- Know alternatives to the currently known systems such as Travis CI or Circle CI.

In this session we will see the following:
- Jenkins plugins needed for multibranch testing.
- Infrastructure with Docker4Drupal to run tests on each branch (but you could use any docker stack!).
- What components we can test and how.
- Demo with a real project to show its potential.


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