Decoupling Drupal Install Profiles with Gatsby

Mark Casias

There is a lot of talk about how great a decoupled site is, and more to the point, how great it is to use GatsbyJS. So much that Mediacurrent has converted their main website to a GatsbyJS based decoupled site. Then there is a lot of problems that come with a vanilla Drupal installation, or using other install profiles. Mediacurrent has created the Rain install profile, and with it a Gatsby based starter.

This talk will review

The pros and cons of decoupling with GatsbyJS
Show the ease of use, using the Rain install profile along with the Rain Gatsby Starter.
Discuss some of the pain points discovered in the making of the starter and converting to a decoupled GatsbyJS including
JSONAPI endpoint problems
Working with Paragraphs or other layout systems.
Missing data issues
Metatags and other core concepts that need to be addressed.
Working with image entities in GatsbyJS
Third Party JS issues (Disqus, Pardot, Drift etc)

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