DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019:

Imre Gmelig Meijling
Drupal Nl, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Splash Awards celebrate the best Drupal work and put the clients behind our beloved Drupal projects center-stage. The Splash Awards are being organized in countries all over the world. Initiatives to promote Drupal are vital to maintain a strong market position and the enduring success of Drupal. With the Splash Awards gaining momentum, the need for a consistent brand is essential. A small team of volunteers also involved in organizing the next International Splash Awards during DrupalCon Amsterdam aims to take the Splash Awards brand to the next level in a way that it can be used for Splash Awards organizers around the globe. This session will give you a heads up on the Splash Awards brand, its brand materials and what to consider when you organize your next Splash Awards.

Imre is chair of the Dutch Drupal Association and contributed to Drupal since 2006 by organizing events and sharing experience. He has worked for various digital agencies, creating Drupal adoption within regional and international organisations. Imre is also involved in the advisory board for DrupalCon Amsterdam and the organisation of the International Splash Awards during the Con. Besides being a Drupal volunteer, Imre is also commercial director at LimoenGroen in Amsterdam.

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