DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Forget YouTube! We take Drupal to the next level with enterprise video

Kay Werner, Christian Kretzschmar, Nikolay Borisov
T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH, Dresden, Germany

We developed an enterprise video on demand platform to make YouTube embedding obsolete for those who want to use the power of moving images. Enhanced by our Drupal VoD solution, management information becomes more vivid and personal. We're taking corporate communication to the next level by offering vlogs and online sessions instead of manuals and written announciations.
Editors get full controll on their content by using their own platform instead of YouTube & Co.
Employees expect to have the same comforts they find in their private lifes. With VoD, participation is visible through clicks and comments on videos. Direct feedback is a key to user engagement.
We want to share how we used the strengths of Drupal for the development of a flexible and modular solution. Based on gained experience with customer projects, we also want to talk about the technical challenges and shortcuts.

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