DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Houdini - New Era of CSS

Vidit Anjaria, Saket Kumar
QED42, Pune, India

Now the hooks of the CSS are made public. Doesn’t it sound cool that from now we can create our own style property?

We would be able to extend the CSS using Javascript, it is very important as currently we are unable to extend CSS using Javascript.

CSS Houdini will let authors hook in to the actual CSS engine, which allows to extend CSS and that at CSS speeds.

Houdini - provides bunch of APIs which will be helpful to create own properties

What you will get?
1. What is houdini?
2. What is rendering pipeline? What falls under it?
3. Which are the major API being provided?
4. Which are the other small APIs?
5. What is Worklets?
6. What is TypedOM?
7. More information on Paint, Animation & Layout API.
8. How to create custom properties?
9. Usage of Houdini V/S Canvas?
10. Demo

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