DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Let’s take the best route - Exploring Drupal 8 Routing System

Surbhi Sriwal
Srijan Technologies, India

Session content
Drupal 8's routing system came from Symfony's. Drupal's routing system can do everything Symfony's can (and more).
Drupal 7 used hook_menus. In Drupal 8 module’s routes are defined in yaml files and these trigger actions defined in module’s controller.

In our talk, we're going to cover

How Routing happens in Symfony

How Drupal 8 makes use Symfony’s routing system using yaml and controllers

How is Different from Drupal 7

What all(and more) Drupal’s routing system can do

Execution precedence of same routes

Structuring Drupal 8 routes

A working demo

Defining your own routes your own way.

Best practices while defining routes.

At the end of this session you be see how routing dumps a URL matcher or generator specific to a particular routes and how it maps an HTTP requests.

Understanding of Drupal 8 module development is required.

Experience with Object Oriented Programming will be advantageous.

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