DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019:Components everywhere! - Bridging the gap between backend and frontend

Room: Auditorium
Presenter: Fabian Franz
Description: React, Webcomponents, Vue, Svelte, ... the number of frontend technologies has increased steadily, but it is still a challenge to bridge the gap between the backend and interactive digital experiences within Drupal.

While decoupled Drupal is one answer, not every application is suited for the decoupled way.

I think I have finally cracked the code and want to propose a way to structure web sites so that (web-)components become a first-class citizen -- also on the backend.

The goal is to convert a 'most_recent' content block from being rendered server-side in the traditional way to being rendered in a hybrid way first by Drupal that is then updated in real-time via React.

There will be a sweet demo that you don't want to miss!

After this session every participant should be able to implement this pattern and hopefully Core can in Drupal 9 and 10 lay the groundwork to make all of this easier!

This is the culmination of years of research in this area and is fascinatingly related to performance as well.

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