DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019:Drupal Gutenberg and Unicef A Case Study

Room: Auditorium
Presenter: Thor Andre Gretland, Marco Fernandes
Description: Drupal and the Gutenberg editor is a killer combination, empowering content authors to build rich landing pages inside a rock solid CMS framework. The Drupal Gutenberg module is stable and continuously updated and improved!

Authors and marketeers want to focus on effectively perfecting their content. They want to adjust and improve, and have the flexibility to create exciting content that stands out. All of this needs to happen within the agreed boundaries of their own design manual:

They should be able to decide this color here, and that color there - only within their own color palette. Choose a text size or style variations on some elements, and let the rest be strictly defined.
The backend UI for doing all of this can often become overwhelming and bloated by dropdowns of parameters and so on. Gutenberg handles this in a nice and shiny way.

In this session we’ll show you how we worked with specifying the right level of flexibility, showing the needed options in the right places.

We’ll talk about the best practices when creating your own custom Gutenberg blocks. Give real examples on when to extend the Gutenberg core blocks, and when to start from scratch. We want to create nicely customized UIs with a great return of investment.

Best practices through examples: Demoing how we’re using Gutenberg core blocks, Drupal core blocks, dynamic listing blocks, blocks integrating with other sites, custom blocks and cloud blocks to handle different needs.

We’ll compare the UNICEF setup to other clients, showing how different organizations have different needs for often the same output and kind of content.

Drupal 8 is a rock solid CMS framework packed with powerful admin features. Our users expect a CMS to be both flexible and easy to use. Building a shiny landing page shouldn’t be hard!

Oh, and expect great details that everyone loves: Livesearch for inserting blocks, copy/paste a full landing page - or just half of it, create your own new blocks within the editor, insert media with drag-n-drop, reorganize with drag-n-drop, and much more!

Having inhouse experience with both Drupal, WordPress and React, we ported Gutenberg to Drupal 8. It’s working, and it’s smooth.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.