DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: 4 Keys to a Successful Globalization Strategy and ...

Room: Auditorium
Title: 4 Keys to a Successful Globalization Strategy and CMS Platform Architecture
Presenter: Tina Williams
Description: How do you deploy and manage web sites in 137 countries and over 30 languages around the globe? IBM is using Drupal 8 translation and inheritance capabilities to help transform Enterprise Globalization Strategy, Processes and Roles. The result? The new global marketing web footprint is now delivering higher client engagement in global markets.

This session includes a review of the key elements of this successful transformation: Strategy, Process, Roles and the supporting CMS platform functions. The session will cover the business requirements and the technical solution. IBM uses Drupal 8 core translation modules and the TMGMT contrib module, extending the functionality to improve translation quality. Inheritance functions support efficient management for regions and reduce the need for localized content. .

What you will learn and experience:
- The importance of preparing your Drupal environment to be “global ready”
- Special architectural considerations for supporting globalization
- How to build language inheritance models to limit localization efforts
- Demo: Translation workflow optimized for speed, quality and machine learning

No prior experience is required but a basic understanding of globalization requirements will be helpful.

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