DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Alexa skills design patterns and principles

Alessandra Petromilli, Raffaele Chiocca
Ibuildings, Italy

Voice user interfaces have more and more impact on our daily lives: on our mobile phones, in our homes and in the offices. The techniques and metaphors of graphical user interfaces do not apply to the world of voice. VUI design must be based on the "conversation", the first communication system we have learned and also the one we know best.

During the session, Alessandra will uncover the potential of these new interaction model and how it can be integrated with a Drupal website through a PHP SDK.

She guides you through the challenges related to the design and development of Alexa Skills through a real use case.

What you will learn:

- How to get started exploring and developing an Alexa Skill
- Have an idea of how to face the design challenges of VUI
- Understand concepts and terminology related to voice interaction

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