DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Communication strategy to build digital experiences that connect.

Tracy Evans, Jeffrey McGuire
Open Strategy Partners Gmbh, Cologne, Germany

Using Drupal, we can create amazing digital experiences, but you are only going to have the impact you want by giving just as much priority to your communication strategy as you do to you to choosing how to put it together.

As geeks and developers, it's really easy for us to succumb to the temptation of planning a website project based on the bells, the whistles, and the new shiny. "What Drupal modules do we need? Paragraphs? Domain access?" "Should we do a decoupled app? If decoupled, what front-end framework should we use?" ...

What we need to remember is that our technologies are a means to an end—to communicate. And when we say "we need a website," what we actually need is to connect our vision, client, or organization to the people who need to know about it.

In this session, we will go into how to discover, define, and create a communication strategy, plus tools and workflows to put it into practice for yourself or your next client.

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