DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: IT news portal migrated from a highly customized Wordpress to Drupal 8

Peter Ponya, Dominika Péterová
BRAINSUM, Budapest, Hungary

The first version of diginomica.com was launched in 2013 on WordPress. It's an IT news portal with a global audience. The site has been remade on Drupal 8 due to the WordPress' lack of adaptivity to a 21st century CMS and its needs. "I had seen how Drupal is getting into technologies that allow all manner of amazing things to come to life and that encouraged me to take a closer look." - said the co-founder of Diginomica.

In this session, our aim is to share the lessons learned from a Wordpress to Drupal migration including media handling, editorial experience challenges and the many 3rd party integrations. We'd like to highlight the main differences, strengths, and weaknesses discovered in both systems.

We hope the audience can learn from our mistakes and also what we did well during this project and become more confident when offering Drupal solutions for similar challenges.

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