DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Create and theme amazing PDFs using Drupal 8

Taher Jodhpurwala
Axelerant, Bangalore, India

PDFs are a good means to structure, archive and access information in a robust manner and is the most widely supported standard for creating and viewing information both online and offline.

In this session, we will learn about the following :

1. PDFs generation using Drupal 8,
2. Theme the generated PDFs and make them look awesome,
3. Couple of open source PDF generators which integrate with Drupal 8,
4. Specific design and development challenges faced while developing PDFs with specific user requirements using the above PDF generators and how to tackle them.
5. Couple of custom PDF solutions developed to create structured and well designed PDF documents on a very large scale using Drupal 8's powerful & flexible content management features like editorial workflow and granular permissions.
6. Different use cases for enterprises, publishers, universities and print media organisations.

The key takeaway for attendees will be the concepts of developing structured and archivable PDF solutions using Drupal 8 for varied use cases.

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