DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Design your workplace embracing "Diversity and Inclusion" and walk on air

Rakhi Mandhania
Colab Cooperative, GURGAON, India


We all wish to be a part of a diverse workforce and some of us may even have a plethora of ideas on how to create one.
But when it comes to building a sincerely *diverse* and *inclusive* workforce - what are the challenges that almost everyone faces ? And how to best deal with those? How to ensure that the honest intention of fostering a diverse workplace is like a core Drupal theme(one you cannot do without)?

We surely know the benefits of being in/looking from outside at : a value oriented, diverse and inclusive setup and some may even know the challenges. Do we know why we are even aiming to create such a workplace ? And if we are aware of the “Why power” - then what all does it take to create and nurture it ?

My talk intends to cover these high-level questions that almost anyone with the intent of building a workplace with diversity and inclusion at the grassroots level --- will have when they just start. I had them too! And I would love to share my own experiences, do’s and dont’s , success stories.

* Enough to help you realise why it’s so important
* Enough to help you get you started
* Enough to enable you to build and live in this dream workplace
* Enough to make you feel you are walking on air :)

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