DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Drupal HA: a story from the trenches

Bram Vogelaar
Inuits.eu, Rotterdam, Netherlands

As engineers we spend much of our time getting stuff to production and making sure our infrastructure doesn’t burn down out right. Does our platform degrade in a graceful way or what does a high cpu load really mean? What can we learn from level 1 outages to be able to run our platforms more reliably.

From things like Infrastructure as Code, Service Discovery and Config Management to replicated databases, caching strategies and geo spatial considerations of the replicas. We have tried, failed and tried again until we got to a solution that works for us.

This allows for teams to quickly put infrastructure in place while allowing teams to seperate deployment and release phases of their work without having to switch over big bang style.

This talk will guide us through the moving parts of our highly reliable and available drupal setup. The audience will see an analysis of the good, the bad and the ugly side of our setup and will show ways for them to validate theirs.

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