DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Expanding Drupal Universe: How new technologies help find new customers

Ashish Goyal, Shashank Merothiya

* Every Retailer is looking to engage their audience, drive traffic to their store & creating opportunities to delight their customers
* With increase in constant demand to knowing your customer better, we need to use Drupal strategically. But how do we do that?
* How do we leverage newer technologies like AR and VR alongwith Drupal in order to drive retail innovation?

A quick case study on how Drupal can help solve the complexity behind managing various retail locations, multiple applications, orchestrate product provisioning for an AR tool like YouCam for world’s leading prestige skincare, makeup and hair care product manufacturer. A clientele solution that helps engaging with the customer better and provide them with an enriching experience

As a summary, we would be talking about
- Drupal as an extended CMS for an Augmented Reality experience
- What are the pros and cons of such a union?
- Things to keep in mind when planning something like this
- Use cases in retail innovation space

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