DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Fixing the mistakes we -all- make as developers, leaders and teams

Jordana Fung, Jacqui Tenderwolf

We all make mistakes - yes all - and that's okay; it's what happens after that matters. How do we learn from them and how do we make sure they don't happen again?

With the rise of remote working, distributed teams and online collaboration the impact of good communication and healthy work (and online) spaces has become one of the most important factors in the success or failure of projects.

This will be a session exploring what good leadership and teamwork consists of, what makes that possible and, more importantly, what to work on so we can be better leaders and teams ourselves.
The session will be mostly focused on the skills we may have but sometimes take for granted, forget to work on or simply don't master as much as we want to.
We will also discuss and break down specific, and sometimes difficult aspects we encounter when working with others.

Some tips and topics will include:
- tips on better communication
- dealing with difficult conversations, people and situations
- giving and receiving criticism well
- assumptions, intent, impact and biases we may not be aware of
- taking responsibility

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