DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Green Tech Thinking

Janne Koponen
Wunder, Helsinki, Finland

Green is the new black. Everybody is talking about green values and taking care of our environment. In general there are two ways to impact the environmental load within the industry: building green products and making your organization environmentally aware.

But there is a third option, especially for us working on web industry. Internet, by consumption is already on par with Aviation industry by carbon emissions. And the projection is that the usage will only grow over the years.
For example, one pageload produces in average 6.8grams of CO2, 10000 pageviews equaling the emissions of an intercontinental flight. Just by reducing the size of data transfer of a pageload we can be more environmentally friendly and at the same time make end users happier by creating faster response times.

Another big environmental impact is the constant need for consumers to renew their devices due to increasing requirements to display content. Reducing this load can lead to increased lifespan of such devices and lighter load on the environment.

In this presentation I will give you a food for thought on how to introduce Green Tech Thinking in your organization and start developing more environmentally friendly services.

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