DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: How companies are currently using Kubernetes with Drupal

Michael Schmid, Kevin Bridges, Thom Toogood, Florian Loretan

Kubernetes is started to be used by many Hosting Companies, Drupal Agencies and also Drupal End Customers. As we don't have any Summits at DrupalCon Amsterdam we discussed in the European Community Advisory Committee to do a 3 session lineup. The idea is to have 3 sessions that would be in the same room and right after each other.
With the following Agendas:
In this session, we’re bringing together a panel of people who are using Kubernetes in one way or another in conjunction with Drupal. We’ll discuss the choice of doubling down on Kubernetes, what exactly they’re using it for, and how they’ve implemented and are maintaining it. We welcome a healthy debate and discussion is the main driver here so any questions or concerns regarding the subject are welcome.

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