DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: How we implemented a Drupal Commerce marketplace for safety equipment

Mario Thiele, Kai Hartung
Unic AG, Zurich, Switzerland

This case study presents the implementation of a marketplace for a Swiss insurance company based on Drupal 8 and Commerce 2.

The marketplace is operated by the insurance company and accommodates over 60 vendors which sell more than 50'000 articles in 3 languages with a focus on safety equipment. As accurate product information is crucial to the marketplace's operator, a customized product creation workflow was designed and implemented. Additionally, specific rules and the ability of commenting in an approval workflow give the operator the final control over the product quality on the platform.

In this case study, we will cover:
- Multi-Store setup
- Product creation via multi-step entity form
- Guided product approval workflow via field notifications
- Extended facetted-search

This case study is targeted at business decision-makers evaulating the capabilities of Drupal Commerce in a marketplace setup as well as technical experts interested in extending their know-how about Drupal Commerce.

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