DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Making Drupal as easy to use as Squarespace

Philippe Von Bergen
iqual Lim., Bern, Switzerland

This talk will show how to make Drupal's power usable for businesses of any size and provide insights on how to increase customer satisfaction by enabling the client to do the work for you.

In projects for small, medium and national companies, we often must combine structured data with the ease of use of a landing page editor like Squarespace. While Drupal and its community provides a wonderful eco-system for building data and automation heavy applications, it lacks the ease and graphical approach many page builders offer.

I will present how we bridged this gap, empowered our clients and increased productivity and customer loyalty ..

.. by building a drag&drop page builder (drupal.org/project/pagedesigner) which integrates with the data structures of Drupal,

.. by increasing our clients’ involvement in the creation and maintenance of their web application,

.. and by creating a reusable, universal “atomic design”-based approach to UI/UX.

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