DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: React as a decoupled theme engine for Drupal

Nikolay Dobromirov, Petyo Stoyanov
FFW, Sofia, Bulgaria

Implementing a decoupled application in 2019 with Druplal has never been easier than now, having JSON:API in core. The problem is that this is covering only one side of the story - the back end one. On the application side you are starting from scratch.

In this session we will cover:
- The process of replacing the whole themmig layer with React in a fully decoupled multi-site context.
- How we’ve achieved Drupal’s level of flexibility on content level with displays and field formatters.
- Handling the data visualization for dynamic nested pieces of content.
- SEO considerations and server side rendering
- How all ties together and plays nice with Drupal’s page cache meta-data, so reverse proxies can be invalidated and keep the site fast.

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