DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Beating imposter syndrome and burnout - how I rebuilt myself

David Thorne
Annertech, Dublin, Ireland
David Thorne Ltd, Huntingdon, United Kingdom

This presentation aims to demonstrate how I as a developer came back from severe burnout, caused by a combination of imposter syndrome, depression and other health issues to rebuild myself as a developer. In the process I also learned to love Drupal again.

Attendees to this session will learn how to recognise some signs they are coping with imposter syndrome, or experiencing burn out. They will also receive tips and techniques that can help them rebuild themselves; working slowly towards a state of recovery. The breakdown will be roughly:
* 5 mins introduction/applicable backstory
* 5 - 10 mins on "recovery" (Techniques outlined and explained depending on time available)
* 5 mins "What now? / Where do I go from here"
* 0 - 5 mins Q&A (If time allows)

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