DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019: Mentoring Metamorphosis

Elli Ludwigson
Open Strategy Partners, Cologne, Germany

The Drupal Core Mentoring team works to encourage and increase contributions to the Drupal project. Mentoring supports and strengthens our community and individuals by providing a place to learn and develop open source contribution skills. One of the many things we do is to provide the framework and support for contribution initiatives across the community. We also help organize contribution days at major Drupal events like DrupalCon and Drupal Camps using established team roles, tools, and workflows.

This session will help you understand:
-What new contributors need to get started
-Some methods to constructively share knowledge and guide others

I’ll also share how the mentoring team has been working to innovate and iterate on our existing systems as we approach Drupal 9 and the GitLab integration. The team, tools and resources we use are also evolving, and as a result we have needed to adapt and work together to merge efforts, energy levels, and of course, time zones. You’ll leave this session ready to contribute to Drupal!

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