Avoiding launch fails with load testing

Launching a website can be a nerve-wracking experience, often times with developers working up until the wire trying to finish that one last feature. If only there was a crystal ball that would show you a vision of how your site would fare when the masses were set loose upon it.

Good news for you, there is! Load testing.

In our opinion, this is one type of test you absolutely cannot go live without and we’re here to convince you why. Or, if it isn’t your decision to make - to equip you with some arguments that you can take to your stakeholders and hopefully convince them too!

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of what load testing is, why it is important to load test a site, how you can use load testing in your development workflow, where to find load testing resources and who should be making space in their timelines for load testing (spoiler: everyone)!

This session is for:

Stakeholders who want a guarantee of launch success.
Developers who don’t want to be called at 2am to rollback deployments.
Project Managers who want to ensure projects run smoothly, have the proper time allowed for all the steps and launch without a hitch.
It will be helpful if attendees have experience launching websites either from the stakeholder, developer or project management perspective. A basic understanding of other automated testing processes is not required, but may provide additional context.

Kaylan Wagner
Customer Success Manager at Pantheon

Chris Zietlow
Engineering Manager at Mindgrub


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