Choosing tech for the enterprise, like you work on The Enterprise

Vetting, selecting and implementing enterprise IT solutions can be a daunting task; but it doesn’t have to be! With the right planning, research, and methodology, you and your organization can explore strange new worlds--from Drupal to hosting to your own corporate procurement process--with composure and confidence. In this session, we’ll discuss a practical approach that ensures you’ll find the right tech, at the right time, for the right budget, and boldly go where your IT org has never gone before.

Topics include:

Requirements analysis
Identifying and working within constraints
Market research
Technical bake-offs
Vendor selection and management
Implementation planning
Support and maintenance
At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

Gather, define, rank, and prioritize functional requirements for the purchase of enterprise technology, both within and across stakeholder groups
Identify appropriate potential technology solutions, critically evaluate those solutions, and propose a top choice with confidence and consensus
Manage and select vendors, and plan for successful implementation and maintenance phases

Jordan Harrison
Program Manager at Acquia
Jordan Harrison is a consultant, technical lead, program manager, and trainer, focused on the selection and implementation of enterprise IT solutions since Netscape was your favorite browser. Since 2005, she's focused on enterprise content management across a wide variety of frameworks, particularly Drupal. She loves figuring out how users want to be working, and designing smart, process-driven tools that make their lives better. As a Program Manager with Acquia Professional Services, she helps large enterprises bring complex Drupal applications to life, from discovery through launch. She's assisted clients in government, finance, media, retail, nonprofits, and the arts, and has a particular interest in the challenges of higher ed, having previously held IT leadership positions at Boston University and Carnegie Mellon. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA and would absolutely love to hear your use case!

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