Web Accessibility Through the Ages

We've come a long way, baby. From being somewhere between a myth and an afterthought to being a mainstream consideration in websites everywhere, accessibility knowledge, technology, and law has grown by leaps and bounds through the years. In this session, we'll take a look back at the beginnings of accessibility, the updated current standards today, and a look into future at some of the new technologies that accessibility has coming down the pipe. This isn't a code-heavy session, so it's a good one for leadership, project managers, and editors to attend to better understand the accessibility landscape as it affects our industry.

Helena McCabe
Technical Account Manager at Lullabot
Helena is a Technical Account Manager at Lullabot who specializes in web accessibility. When she's not writing code, she enjoys marauding her way through Bethesda games, eating tacos, and spending time with her very beardy husband and their two dogs.


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