Best practices for building multilingual sites in Drupal 8

Mohit Aghera

Drupal is well known for building multilingual sites due to its native support for building multilingual sites and versatile multilingual API.

Due to globalization, it is essential to have a multilingual site to sever the visitors in their own language and attract a very diverse audience.

In this session, we will be sharing lessons we learned while building a multilingual site that serves millions of requests a month.

We will discuss:

Drupal's capability to implement multilingual functionality.
How to set up the multilingual site which adheres to Drupal’s best practices.
Drupal Core API that we can leverage in custom modules
Content architecture to consider while building multilingual sites
Configuration management for the multilingual sites
Content and configuration translations
Language negotiation plugins, configuration translation
Building multilingual search, handing translations in custom modules and translation deployment

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