Layout Builder Components Can Break Your Site—Part 2

André Angelantoni

This is Part 2 of the topic I delivered at DrupalCon 2020:

Layout Builder components can break your site. Here's how.

Watch Part 1 first to understand the problem that site builders, back-end developers and site architects face to ensure that several critical features of Drupal, including page revisioning, Workflow and Workspaces, don't break.

Here is some feedback from the first session:

Very informative topic. Will re-watch the recording to make sure I understood everything and will definitely share with my development team. Thank you!
7/14/2020 4:03 PM

Made the entire cost of drupalcon worth it just for this.
7/14/2020 3:42 PM

In this session, I will:

get into the details of how the various types of components are stored
why they can break these features.
suggest some workarounds and design patterns.

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