An analysis of Government sites in Australia

This session will present data and results for an analysis of Government sites in Australia. Sites will be assessed on accessibility, performance, SEO and technologies used. A comparative approach will be taken across the areas of platform, jurisdiction and use of design systems.

The presentation will examine the following questions amongst others:

Has the Australian Government Design System had a measurable impact on quality?
Does GovCMS SaaS lead to better outcomes to GovCMS PaaS?
How do Federal, State and Local jurisdictions compare?
How does Australia compare to other countries?
Where is there the most innovation?
What technologies are in use?
What are some exemplary sites in Australia?

The talk will be well suited to anyone who is after a high level and quantitative view of Government sites. This would tend to be policy makers, platform owners and agencies.


We'd love to get your feedback on this year's DrupalGov event:

Presented by: Murray Woodman, Morpht
Level: Beginner

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