Drupal Security Panel

Security has always been a concern for government websites. Given the recent rise in cyber attacks and subsequent media attention, securing your Drupal site is now more important than ever.

But what should we be doing to increase security? What are the best practices now and what things should we be thinking of doing in the future?

Come and join our panel of experts as we discuss the current state of cybersecurity from both the application and hosting layers. Hosted by PreviousNext Technical Director, Kim Pepper, you will have an opportunity to ask your most important questions.


We'd love to get your feedback on this year's DrupalGov event: https://bit.ly/drupalgov2020-feedback

Presented by: Kim Pepper, PreviousNext - sponsored by Skpr.
Panelists: Nick Santamaria (nicksanta), Lee Rowlands (larowlan), Joseph Zhao (pandaski)
Level: Intermediate

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