Helping immunisation professionals deliver good clinical care with GovCMS

This talk/presentation will focus on the approach, methodology, principles, and frameworks leveraged by the team to deliver sustainable user centered solutions; which are built with whole-of-Government technologies, platforms and standards; that are aligned with whole-of-Health enterprise strategies. The talk/presentation will also touch on the technical solution, and its most integral component, the web CMS built with Drupal/GovCMS. The team will share key lessons learned along the journey.

The Australian Immunisation Handbook, affectionately referred to as the Immunisation Bible, started as a printed publication in 1975. It is the authoritative source of clinical guidelines for healthcare professionals and others about the safest and most effective use of vaccines in their practice.

With the rapidly changing immunisation landscape annual updates were no longer viable. Updates to the 500+ page Handbook meant that health professionals found it cumbersome to keep track of the latest source of truth, even more so when they're on the move. The Handbook was published online in 2013-14 but the website failed to meet the needs of the audiences. Folk was engaged in 2015-16 to help transform the hard copy Handbook from the ground up. Folk has been working with the Department of Health and the Immunisation Policy Section from 2015-16 and has helped with research, information architecture, content modelling, solution architecture, product design & development, operations and end-to-end digital service design.

The Handbook ecosystem today includes the content production workflow (SharePoint & TRIM), web CMS (built with GovCMS), publicly available responsive website, web-based catch-up calculator (built with JavaScript), data feeds (XML), and a cross platform native app for iOS and Android (built with Xamarin) that offers offline access to the Handbook. A future-friendly roadmap has been developed to continuously improve the products and services.

Immunisation professionals now have access to a centralised digital resource of up-to-date immunisation information and guidelines at their fingertips while at work, on the move or when working in a disconnected state in remote or rural regions of Australia. The website registers an average of circa 100k users and 650k page views per month. The mobile app has been downloaded by circa 13,000 users.

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Presented by: Ranjeet Elkunchwar, Folk & Anton Baggerman, Morpht
Level: Novel topic - suits all levels

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