DevOps Summit - Journey to Kubernetes - Voice of America

Running Kubernetes on your laptop is one thing, but running it in production requires a lot of thought and considerations for the planning and execution of the project.

Voice of America runs many new sites around the world. These are very large sites that are designed to handle millions of hits a day.

In this panel, the VOA team will talk about their experience in migrating their sites and infrastructure over to Kubernetes.

Topics of discussion will cover:
1 Getting started with Kubernetes
2 Tooling up for production - things to watch out for...
3 Learning Curve - skills required for management, support, etc.
4 Dev, Test, Live Environments - what’s involved
5 Deployments - application and Kubernetes deployments
6 Technical considerations - for scaling, logging, monitoring, etc.
7 Cost Management - track and limit costs per site and per project
8 Security, Support, and SLA - what’s expected and how to address it
9 Contingency Planning - for loss of data center / access / Fail-over / Fallback
10 Day 2 Ops - Kubernetes upgrade/updates and patches / Backups and restores

We’ll conclude by summarizing what the team was expecting going into the project, what they learned on their journey, and what advice they can confidently share with others to help them with their journey to Kubernetes.

Salim Lakhani, DevPanel
James Wilson, Voice of America
Joel M. Lehman, Voice of America

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