Building a Mindset for Technical Leadership

The pandemic proved that anything can derail us in a moment. Last year, our plans were put on hold, our lives were changed. We all ended up with zoom fatigue trying to satisfy our human need for social contact and social change. As a tech leader, what are you doing for yourself and your team to build resiliency and compassion in times of uncertainty? Let's discuss what we can do to open ourselves up and notice how we create a limited mindset that resists flexibility in those times when we need it the most. We will unpack the concept of mindful leadership, and how we can cultivate the skills of emotional intelligence necessary for clarity, trust, and inclusion. Once you see the limitations of your perceptions, your world will open for greater alignment of your work to your life and to those for whom you are responsible.

In this session we explore the tools you will need to be part of a cohesive teams that runs on trust, accountability, and results. We will include time for a short practice and discussion led by a certified mindfulness teacher and facilitator.

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