Editor UX Matters: Gutenberg Can Help

Many Drupal projects spend a lot of time and energy on architecture, integrations, deployment pipelines, user experience and more. Very few spend time tuning the editor experience, often resulting in obtuse and intimidating content editing interfaces. The result? Stale content, unhappy clients who dread editing the site. In the end, something that clients are willing to declare a wasted investment in a difficult-to-use tool. Drupal itself becomes a scapegoat for failure, and sadly some decide to leave it behind.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Drupal Gutenberg is an easy to use, easy to setup tool that can dramatically improve the usability of your sites for editors and content creators. Drupal and the Gutenberg editor is a killer combination, empowering content authors to build rich landing pages inside a rock solid CMS framework. Having the solid foundation and flexibility of Drupal combined with the ease of use from Gutenberg, creates a sweet spot you won’t find in another CMS. The Drupal Gutenberg module is stable and continuously updated and improved!

Authors and marketers want to focus on perfecting their content. They want to adjust and improve, and have the flexibility to create exciting content that stands out. All of this needs to happen within the agreed boundaries of their own design manual. Come to this session to see how real-world teams make the combination of Drupal + Gutenberg work for them.


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