Elevating your skills: Clear intro of tools & tech to learn next!

As a site builder or content editor looking for continued career growth, what should you learn next? In this talk, we'll explain tools and technologies simply and how learning them aligns with common career paths.

Looking at Drupal conferences and videos you'll find talks on React, docker, VueJS, Symfony, Twig, and much more. Picking the 'right' thing to learn feels impossible! Where do I start? What's the benefit of each topic? Where will it take my career? Will I enjoy it?

We'll also learn a bit about each, so that they stop being buzzwords, and begin forming the foundation of greater knowledge.

This talk represents a chance to learn about these topics (and more) *in plain English*:
- Composer
- Object-oriented programming
- Symfony
- Twig
- Agile/Scrum
- JavaScript
- React & VueJS
- Docker
- CDNs
- And more!


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