Three ways to run Drupal on AWS - Amazon Web Services

This hands-on demo will show you how to run Drupal in your own AWS account. We will look at three different ways to deploy Drupal from scratch.

Quickstart: Use Quickstarts to deploy Drupal distros, projects and templates over and over again. Once set up, you can share your Quickstarts with others and let them spin up their own copy with a few clicks.

AWS Lightsail: The cheap and easy way: Deploy Drupal on AWS using Lightsail, a low-cost, shared server /container based solution for quick deployment of small sites.

AWS EKS: The Cloud Native (Kubernetes) way: A container based auto-scaling fault tolerant system that can host hundreds of sites and handle all kinds of loads and spikes.

We’ll see how each one works and discuss the pros and cons of each approach. You’ll also learn how you can get started with each approach.

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