Accessibility in Drupal Is My Jam: Practical Use of Accessibility Tools in Drupal

I love making things accessible and I love Drupal. When Drupal 8 was released, I was giddy with excitement because it was obvious that accessibility was in-mind from the beginning, and Drupal 9 was even better!

In my blog How Cool Accessibility Tools Can Make Your Life Easier, I briefly discussed several core and contributed Drupal features and modules that are available to help in making your website more accessible.

In this talk, I'll walk through and demo the following with the end goal of making your life easier, and your user's experience in gathering content more meaningful:

Core themes (specifically Olivero and Claro)
Core features and modules
Contributed modules
Plus I’ll have a Florida Playlist to start out my presentation as you walk into the serenity that is my room at the most awesome Florida Drupal Camp! Join me won’t you? The playlist can be found at

Kat Shaw

Kat is a CPACC-certified Senior Front-end Developer who’s continued her work as an advocate of digital accessibility with her team at Lullabot. She’s been working in web development since 1999, and developing and maintaining Drupal sites since 2012, with a focus on remediating accessibility issues in Drupal 8 and 9+. Kat has worked on several accessibility projects including assisting with accessibility testing for the Olivero and Claro themes. She's also a member of A11yTalks, a virtual meet-up featuring speakers and conversations around digital accessibility.

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