All the cool things you can do when you don’t support IE11 (and how we can use these in Olivero)

Hallelujah! Drupal will no longer support Internet Explorer when version 10 comes out later this year! How will that change Olivero, and the rest of Drupal core? What new fancy features will this enable?

In this presentation, I’ll walk attendees through new modern CSS and JS including things like

CSS custom properties (you might already be familiar with these)
:is() and :where() selector syntax
the all property combined with the revert value
CSS Grid
:focus-within and :focus-visible
Selector arguments within :not()
JavaScript optional chaining
Lots more!
How can we use this cornucopia of awesomeness in Drupal core? What features become possible?

Dark modes
Color changing
Lots more!
Hopefully this will get you excited about the future, and you can take these lessons home to your own project to optimize your own codebases and create new innovations.

Mike Herchel
Mike Herchel is a front-end developer that’s been developing with Drupal for over 13 years. He is the primary organizer and lead developer for the Olivero initiative, which aims to create a new default front-end theme for Drupal core. Mike is also the maintainer of the Drupal Quicklink module, and is a primary organizer for Florida DrupalCamp.

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