Find exactly what you're looking for with Solr

Drupal is a top tier solution for managing content. With the continued focus on UX and user's comsuming content in inclusive and accessible experiences, it's no wonder Drupal remains such a potent framework. But with great content comes great responsibility! The best content in the world on its own won't help us build tools that empower our end users to accomplish their goals. Enter Solr.

Apache Solr is a powerful search engine, which Drupal developers and site builders can easily leverage to make vase troves of content discoverable. In this session we'll walk through the basic concepts of Solr and the Search API, how dramatically level up your web experiences through robust searching, and how to do so with Drupal! Join me as we build a search that allows me to (virtually) organize, discover, and find the exact Lego piece I need to complete my latest build.

Chris zietlow

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