You don't have to be a technical writer to write technically

A technical writer is a professional who translates highly technical concepts into a digestible format for the end-user. A huge part of a technologist's role -- no matter an architect, developer, or sysadmin -- is communication. But everyone has different ways of doing so. This session is for people looking to learn how to use their individuality to write about the technical subjects they love, in a way that works for them.

Marjorie Freeman of Red Hat Inc.

Marjorie Freeman is a community manager by day and a visionary entrepreneur by night. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, writing, and drawing. She loves the art of storytelling, in all its forms. After work, you can find her with a drawing pad in one hand, a wad of colored pencils in the other, and a classic horror movie blasting on the tv. Whether work or play, she has to be immersed in creativity. Her love for not only storytelling but helping other people channel their inner "creative", translates professionally into her role as community manager for Enable Architect, where she has built a community from scratch built to help systems architects, engineers, and other contributors to systems and business architecture, tell the stories of their work and technological passions, in the best way possible.

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