Let's Get Uncomfortable: How to Ask For and Process Feedback


For many of us, asking for and receiving feedback can be the most nerve-inducing part of our working lives. Our discomfort with this topic results in lost opportunities to proactively address areas of improvement before they influence our career. By taking a passive approach to feedback, we rob ourselves of control over our future impact within our teams, companies, and communities.

During this session, I will share how turning the fear of the unknown into a willingness for open conversation can empower you. You'll learn to take ownership of your growth and make decisions that will make "future you" grateful.

Attend this session to learn how to:

* Adapt to a feedback-positive mindset,
* Harness the power of proactively asking for feedback,
* Leverage different approaches to asking for feedback, and
* Process the feedback you receive to get the most benefit from it

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