Knowing the difference between being a Jr Dev and a Mid Level Dev

I have just recently made the jump from Jr Dev to Mid Level developer. At times I would become frustrated because I thought I was behaving and coding the way a mid level dev does but wasn't getting the opportunity to move up. It wasn't until having talks and observing architects and higher level developers that I was able to learn the small but very important aspects of what was keeping me a Jr Level Developer.

This talk is mainly developers relatively new to the industry and/or Drupal. It is for helping them notice their own bad habits and counterproductive tendencies they may have and recognizing the adjustments which need to be made in order to achieve the next level in their career. Others in higher positions can also benefit from this talk because they will be able to communicate the tendencies their mentees or subordinates have and help them close the gap sooner than later, saving both time and money.

Caleb Crawley
Mid Level Developer @ Bright Plum, Inc.

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