Building a Robust Community of Content Managers

Scott Horvath

Getting Drupal to work in a government environment is a technology problem. Getting good content into that Drupal system, however, is a people problem. Finding and training those people to understand the various Federal laws and policies related to web publishing is no easy task. Add to that your own Agency policies and requirements, your CMS requirements for using different content types, your growing best practices for using your CMS, needing to make sure everyone stays updated when requirements change, policies changes, tracking who took training and who didn't, helping those people when they have content issues, changing training, and...PHEW! That's more than a people problem, that's a logistical nightmare.

In this session, we'll show you how the USGS used Jira, Confluence, and Teams to tackle these issues by building a repeatable process for onboarding, training, certifying, re-certifying, providing support and documentation, and tracking all that work being done, and using analytics to improve support and save money.

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